A total surface of 4000 m², an annual handling capacity of 500.000 passengers...



Bituminised runway  accessible for the majority of narrow and wide body aircrafts.

Dimensions - Length: 2.100 metres ; Width: 45 metres

Orientation : Threshold 15    148° ; Threshold 33    328°
Resistance : 50 F/B/W/T

Navigational aid


  • low-intensity runway lightning
  • PAPI at threshold 15 and 33
  • flashing lights at threshold 15


Indicative :    PRF
Position : 021°19’11.23’’S - 055°25’13.11’’E
Frequence:    115,9 MHz
Function H24
Managed by the Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile


Indicative :    SP
Position :    021°16’39.2’’S - 055°21’44.1’’E
Frequence :    352 kHz
Function H24
Managed by the  Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile   


Indicative :    PRF
Position :    021°19’11.23’’S - 055°25’13.11’’E
Frequence:    Ch 106 X
Function H24
Scope    100 NM
Managed by the Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile   

Radiocommunication ATS

AFIS (aerodrome flight information service)
denomination    Pierrefonds information
frequence        122,4 mHz
Available during airport's opening times

Plane parking area

Commercial zone

  • 4 parkings accessible for small and medium aircrafts within one at the at the filling station
  • 1 parking accessible for wide body aircrafts

Routine treatment of the following aircraft types: ATR-42 / ATR-72 / A319 / B737

As the parkings are near the terminals, passengers board and disembark on foot, with a vue onto the Piton de Neiges and the Piton de la Fournaise.

Area for general aviation

Parking for several light aircraft

Military zone

The total surface of 6.000 m² allows a simultaneous parking of 2 Transall aircrafts.

Helicopter zone

Simultaneous parking of 4 helicopters

Plane filling station

  • Avgas and jet A1
  • Opening time according to airport's opening times
  • Managed by the Saint-Pierre Pierrefonds Airport on behalf of the Société Réunionnaise de Produits Pétroliers

Airport terminal

  • International terminal of 2.500 m² with an annual handling capacity of 500.000 passengers
  • Convivial and humane, the airport guarantees a high quality service
  • 150  free parking spaces
  • Being an international airport, we offer all main services

Cargo zone

A 50 m³ temporary warehouse for imported goods storage

Technical zone

Technical block

Including offices, electrical rooms and the control tower

Fireman barracks

The building, raised in 2006 and mesuring 770 m², shelters the rescue and aircraft fire fighting service, equipped with two intervention vehicles.

Maintenance zone

Maintenance area for all airport vehicles.